Young Professionals and Their Faith

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I work for Jewish Heritage Programs and help run events for young professionals. During one night in the Winter, we took members to the Poconos for a retreat. Everyone sat around the table and started asking the rabbis questions about Judaism and current events — the conversation went on for hours. It was so interesting to hear the different questions and responses from the Rabbis.

This was important to me because it felt amazing knowing that young professionals still care to learn about Judaism. I feel like in today’s society, many young professionals are more unaffiliated. However, this retreat proved that people still want to be involved.

This experience made me realize the importance of being Jewish and the community that we have. I felt like I learned a lot about my religion that I was previously unaware about. Additionally, it was uplifting to know that so many people care about it, however, are not presented with the opportunities to learn about it in an open setting where they may openly ask questions.

Michelle Goodman

West Chester University


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