What I Learned During My Time as the Programming Intern at Tulane Hillel

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This experience developed and expanded my professional skills while allowing me to work on projects I was passionate about. During my internship I worked with incredible people and really gained a new family.
As the Programming Intern, I worked with fellow students to develop social initiatives and activities through a Jewish lens. For example, I often helped students coordinate Purim parties, wine and cheese nights with the Hillel Rabbi, and Israel cultural events. I also help found Jewish Friends and Mentors (JFAM), which paired upperclassmen with incoming freshmen. The goal of this initiative was to make these new students feel at home not only at Tulane and Hillel, but also in the city of New Orleans. Another aspect of my internship was to help grow and support the Tulane Jewish Leaders (TJL) program where students spearheaded their own projects, which ranged from social activities, charities, Jewish life, and environmental initiatives. Initiatives included from community markets hosted at Hillel to making food from Hillel’s Kitchen a staple in the on-campus food court. My role was to support the TJL programs and help students coordinate their projects in regard to funding, student support, and campus marketing.
My experience as a Tulane Hillel kept me in touch with the cultural and traditional aspects of Judaism. My role as a Tulane Hillel intern increased my awareness of the importance of my Jewish heritage and allowed me to thrive in a space that was not only accepting of whatever version of Judaism you believed in, but also a space that encourages you to grow and challenge yourself both personally and academically. Tulane Hillel, through its staff and student leaders, fosters a positive and inclusive environment; it’s for these reasons Tulane Hillel makes me proud to be a Jewish leader.

CeCe Cole

I worked as the Programming Intern at Tulane Hillel throughout college


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