Top 5 Jewish Movies

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From family comedies to cartoon classics, these Jewish movies should definitely be making their way onto your must-watch list!

1. Keeping Up With The Steins


This movie is a hilarious and all-too-true depiction of the weeks leading up to your bar or bat mitzvah. Families battle it out to see who can have the most spectacular bar mitzvah, while the main bar mitzvah boy (played by Daryl Sabara from Spy Kids) just wants to master his Torah portion. There are definitely some not-so-appropriate moments throughout the film, but it’s sure to keep your whole family laughing!



2. The Devil’s Arithmetic



If historical dramas are more your style, this movie is one of the best modern Holocaust movies. Hannah, a teenage girl (played by Kirsten Dunst), is tired of silly Passover seders and Jewish traditions—until she is taken back in time to her family’s home in Poland during the Holocaust. She endures the horrors of the concentration camps and learns what her family has been through. This is a heavy movie, but a great choice for history enthusiasts.




3. Eight Crazy Nights 



You may take one look at the cartoon image on the movie poster and think this is a kiddie Hanukkah movie—but you couldn’t be further from the truth. Written and produced by Adam Sandler (Right? That means it has to be good!), the movie centers on a recovering alcoholic trying to make amends during the holiday season.




4. Fiddler on the Roof



C’mon, this had to make the list. If hearing the opening sequence of “Sunrise, Sunset” doesn’t give you all the feels, you might need to re-watch this just a few more times! Soon enough, you’ll be singing along and feeling like you’re another one of Tevye’s family members. This is a great movie to watch with the whole family.



5. The Jazz Singer



This classic film, released in 1927, tells the story of a man who defies the Jewish traditions of his family. Instead of following in the footsteps of his father, a cantor, Jakie Rabinowitz forges his own path to become a successful jazz musician. There’s an unwritten rule that all Jewish film enthusiasts must see this movie at least one time in their life.



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