My Experience as a Brother of Alpha Epsilon Pi

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wjk3Alpha Epsilon Pi, is a part of who I am. When I wake up in the morning until I go to sleep, I am always thinking about my Chapter. I’ve been very involved since I joined freshman year. I started off learning in a few committees, then a Chairhead. Afterwards, I served as Vice President for a year and a half, and I recently got elected to President for the coming year. AEPi is important to me because it raised my Jewish pride. It shifted me from being a quiet individual to one who is passionate about my culture. We have a true Brotherhood, where Jewish men regardless of religious observance are able to participate and be proud card carrying members. Some of my Brothers never received a formal Jewish education, or understood what being Jewish means but I think AEPi has served as the stepping stone to introduce Jewish Pride into young men today. I think the best of tomorrow’s Jewish Leaders are in Alpha Epsilon Pi today.
We’re all engaged in many aspects; Social, Academic, Philanthropic and Brotherhood. I believe through our combined efforts and true love of man for each other, we have become our brother’s keeper to the truest definition of the word. Meeting another AEPi brother as I’m shopping, or traveling or even in a Doctor’s office is not foreign to me. Each and every time I meet another Brother, regardless of his Chapter, we instantly bond. We have gotten more Brothers active in the defense of Israel on college campuses, including advocating against BDS. We’ve helped introduce Brothers to Israel, and Jewish culture, something which they will always remember. Spending the holidays together and having shabbat meals together really brings us together and gives us an appreciation of the religion and culture that is not easily found anywhere.
I believe this experience gave me more pride in my culture. I am actively trying to help my the rest of the tribe, whether it is giving them a car ride to school, helping them with their homework, or doing Philanthropy work to raise money for charities like the Gift of Life, Birthright and many of our other beneficiaries. AEPi makes me feel like a contributing member towards the Jewish people, and a warrior on the campus ground that is unmatched by any other group. I will not simply be Jewish, I need to be a contributing member towards it.

Nissim Said

My name is Nissim Said, I am a Brooklyn born and bred individual. My parents immigrated here from Syria in the early 90's. I was born soon after. I had an interesting take because of my origin. My parents fled the country from religious persecution, where they were living in ghettos for as long as their great grand parents could remember. Coming to the States, there was new opportunity for education and wealth. My parents worked hard to put me through school and I never took that for granted. I am now a 4th year student at Brooklyn College studying Public Accounting, Business Management and Finance. The culmination of my background and experiences growing up in a difficult environment fueled my motivation to succeed.


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