How Hillel Shaped My College Experience

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For many, college is a meant to be a formative life experience — and for, it was even more than that.

My involvement with Hillel, particularly on Student Board, was what really shaped my college experience. Being an active member of Hillel meant that I had a community the minute I arrived at Rutgers. I was always quite active, but during my last year I decided to step up and serve as Treasurer on our Student Board. Although it was difficult work, I felt obligated to give back and help build the community that made Rutgers such a welcoming home for me.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re religious, how you practice, or what your background is; the Jewish community at college, and beyond, has taught me that being a member of the Jewish community is one of the most grounding aspects of your life. It is a support network, a family, and most importantly — Judaism is my identity.

Plus, I can’t get over how awesome Shabbat dinners are!

Michael Guggenheim

Rutgers. New Jersey.


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