Top 5 Jewish Movies

From family comedies to cartoon classics, these Jewish movies should definitely be making their way onto your must-watch list! 1. Keeping Up With The Steins This movie is a hilarious and all-too-true depiction of the... Read More

Top 5 Jews of Instagram

From celebrity accounts to Jewish food tributes, these are some must-follows to please your Jewish soul.   Crazy Jewish Mom (@crazyjewishmom) These moms will make your mom look tame. Follow for ridiculous texts, hilarious memes,... Read More

Best Falafel

For those saying, "What? Falafel? Are those the little meatball things?," its time to be enlightened.  Falafel is a deep fried, delicious ball of ground chickpeas (sometimes including fava beans), and spices, with a myriad... Read More

Israel’s Holiest Cities

Throngs of tourists and others dressed in assorted religious garb meander purposefully, though a bit tentatively, through the streets of Jerusalem making already busy, tiny and ancient walkways that much more impassable. They look up... Read More

Re-evaluating My Jewish Identity

I want to share about my experience as a Jewish, Modern Orthodox girl at Binghamton University. Specifically, I'd like to focus on my time participating in one of the many J-Learn classes that the Chabad... Read More

Young Professionals and Their Faith

I work for Jewish Heritage Programs and help run events for young professionals. During one night in the Winter, we took members to the Poconos for a retreat. Everyone sat around the table and started... Read More

My Jewish Experiences in College

I grew up in a town where we were one of the only Jewish families. I didn’t have Jewish friends in school, and we didn’t have a synagogue in town. This meant that much of... Read More

Hillel Made College Feel Like Home

I served on the board of GW Hillel as freshmen engagement chair for the 2015-2016 school year. This experience is important to me because it allowed me to be a part of and give back... Read More

How Hillel Shaped My College Experience

For many, college is a meant to be a formative life experience -- and for, it was even more than that. My involvement with Hillel, particularly on Student Board, was what really shaped my college... Read More

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